The project all started when my first home was burgled. It ruined the experience and I just couldn’t find an affordable security solution.

The products I purchased were difficult to use and setup within my budget.
As a designer I wanted to create a better solution.

SafetyNet Advert

Idea Generation

We developed pages and pages of screen designs, this is a sample of how we refined the user experience.

SafetyNet Idea Generation 1


Priority for the demo & build

  • Connect device through hub & zigbee, local server on laptop
  • Activate/Deactivate from app – timer & sequence
  • Motion detection
  • Device alert mode
  • Photo – stream & upload to feed
  • Alert – push & feed
  • Confirm alert / take action
  • Device & App basic synergy 
SafetyNet Prototype Device

Prototyping and 3D printing

Logo Development

SafetyNet Branding Development

Branding Development

After numerous iterations we choose a logo and trademarked the symbol to protect the intellectual property. We deconstructed the logo to create the icons for the app. I embedded the logo into the product design to create a unique form and design synergy.

 Your home in your hands

UI/UX Development

Devices can be activated/deactivated by clicking the padlock icon. The app retains the list of devices locally. It also checks against the server when it is opened for the most recent list and whether the device is currently active or not.

SafetyNet UI Development 1

 Alert Process

SafetyNet Alert Process

 Take Action

SafetyNet Take Action


SafetyNet System

Product Design

SafetyNet Product Design Alarm

SafetyNet Product Design HubSafetyNet Product Design External Alarm


Crowd Cube Pitch

We had big ambitions for SafetyNet, unfortunately we couldn’t secure any investment in the UK so we had to abandon the project.

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