Synio Spray Paint

Synio Spray Paint

I decided not to sell the Synio Spray Paint because of the issue with freezing compressed water that leaks from the air can when in use. The water freezes up the nib preventing any spray. This issue was highlighted by customer feedback. I decided to change direction and design an attachment for a compressor, the Copic Airbrush system seemed like the logical choice. (Sharpie to Fit Copic Air Adaptor)

Synio Spray Paint (Development)

I attempted to solve the excess water issue by designing a cyclone into the body of the product, which is made possible with 3D printing. One of the main advantages is that SLS 3D prints are supported by the unsintered powder. However this excess powder turns out to be an issue when you want to remove in the post production stage at Shapeways. I tried in vain to ask Shapeways to develop a new process to clean parts but knowing what I know now, this is completely unfeasible given the amount of bespoke 3D prints Shapeways produce.

Designing this product also flagged up print orientation and how important it is to have control over this process, I’m participating in beta testing for this feature, this is now a live feature on Shapeways.

Synio Spray Paint (Testing)

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