Synio Spray Pen

Synio Spray Pen

This was my original idea for a spray pen that I developed from a plastic pipe. After testing on multiple pens including Copic and Crayola, I discovered that Sharpie worked the best. This is because of the shape of the tip and fibre material it’s produced from.

When I was at university studying for my Industrial Design degree, I was tasked with creating product illustrations.

I was trying to create a texture on a rendering by blowing the ink off the end of my marker pen.

This was a messy and inaccurate technique so I created my first spray pen out of a plastic pipe. With no means to pursue this product after university I shelved it.

Now with the arrival of 3D printing, I dusted off my sketch pad to rediscover my original idea. Several months later and lots of prototypes the Synio Spray Pen was created for artists and designers.

175 Printed Prototypes

Synio Spray Pen - 175 PrototypesTo further develop this concept I think a bespoke marker pen needs to be created, similar to the blow pen currently for sale in the UK. This should be sold separately without the blow pen enclosure. Then an adaptor that fits directly to a compressor hose. The Copic Air Can adaptor is over complicated and it took me a while to source all the attachments.


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