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Renault Trafic - Magnet - Phone Mount Cradle Holder

Renault Trafic - Magnet - Phone Mount Cradle Holder

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Renault Trafic Sport Magnet Attachment (Mount Only)

Upgrade your Renault van’s capabilities with our top-quality magnet attachment! These innovative attachments use magnets to securely attach to your van’s inbuilt phone mount. Whether you’re a trades person, delivery driver, or just need extra space for your gear, this magnet attachment is the perfect solution.

Magnetic Plates Included

Please note that some vans may not come with the phone holder as standard, so make sure to check the compatibility before purchasing.

Renault Trafic Mk3 III Phone Holder Cradle Genuine 2014
Part manufacturer: 93457378
Reference OE/OEM Number_1: 4423999

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